Mohammed Al-Juboori (MhdAljuboori)

Web Developer and Software Engineer. I love Building Web2.0 Apps, especially collaborative real-time Web/Mobile applications. Also interested in graphics and photography

More about me

Co-founder at IdeasStorm & Developer at Pinegrow

I'm an expert in building web apps frontend, and backend using Ruby on Rails, Interested in real-time web applications. I have good experience building Desktop app using NW.JS and Electron. Also I have experience building frontend using AngularJS 1 & 2.

I've graduated from Damascus University from Faculty of Information Technology Engineering with a very good rating and I got Al-Bassel certificate of excellence, 2012-2013.

My work

I worked and participated in many projects here are some of them:

Event Management SystemFirst Event Portal


Event Management System, supports adding multiple events with full automated details as separated websites with different front­ends and managed from a central control panel attached to the main events portal.


Sfkat Website

A collaborative platform to provide an easy way to exchange goods peer2peer between the buyer and the seller.


Sharek Portal

The project is an issues reporting/bubbling-up system, so users can raise, upvote and downvote issues. Meanwhile Supervisors (ministers, governors... etc) will see the most important issues depending on citizens' votes. Issues can be linked to images, maps, laws, other citizens, ministries ... etc. In other words the project aims to activate citizen participation in decision making indirectly.


Lnks4all Website

Create "Code Free" animations and interactions with this Pinegrow Plugin!. Many triggers and Custom animations are available through Pinegrow GUI.


Lnks4all Website

A simple website for sharing links between friends, supports some social features (e.g comments & likes)

My galary

I love photographing it's my second hobby after coding (since coding is my profession and my hobby). Check my instagram Profile for more photos

Contact me

Address: Samsun, Turkey